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Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church

WAF - Posting Instructions Title the post in the box above -if place, use ADDRESS -if person, use FIRST & LAST NAME (for sorting purposes, enter multi-part last names joined by underscores, eg: Gustavo Da_Rosa) -if event, use EVENT NAME -if tour, use TOUR NAME -if publication, use ARTICLE NAME * this is used to set the url, but if you want to change the url directly, click in the yellow box below the title line Choose the category on the right side -> * if category is not selected, the page will not show up on general pages (places,people,etc.) Enter the research information using the Custom Fields below -select appropriate category, and paste information into 'value' box -click 'Add Custom Field' -repeat for all necessary information Uploading Images / PDFs: -click "Upload/Insert" above -upload files in the order that they will appear *the first image uploaded will be used for the main image *the only way to re-organize photos is to delete them, and re-upload in a different order *PDFs can be added at any time, and doesn't matter if before, after, or between images -if there is a caption necessary (for additional photos), add it in the 'caption' section -click 'Save All Changes' Special Instructions Places: When entering architects, engineers, firms, contractors: -separate people with line breaks -type person name, then all additional information in brackets (ie. dates, duties, location) When entering body text (significant dates, design characteristics, etc): -line breaks will be turned into new bullet points To find GPS location of a place: -go to Google Maps and type in the address -right-click the spot you want to use and select "What's Here?" -GPS location will automatically appear in search bar People: -if person is still alive, just enter Born year, and it will be formatted accordingly -when adding Oral History audio widget, make sure 'color' at the end of the code is "ff5442" Events: *links to external event pages can be changed from the main Event Page When entering start/end time: -if event only lasts one day, enter under Start Date -if exact start/end dates not known, replace day with xx, eg: "xx/05/2012" -enter start time in 24:00, it will be converted to am/pm automatically When entering registration / ticket info: -enter website addresses as plain text, they will be converted to links automatically When adding event photo: -does not have to be a specific size or orientation, it will be cropped automatically Tours: -if tour is offered multiple times, create a new post for each one When adding PDF and preview image: -upload files in either order -use an image of the cover of the PDF as the preview image Publications: When adding PDF and preview image: -upload files in either order -use an image of the cover, or an appropriate image as the preview image CLICK "Publish" AND THE PAGE WILL BE LIVE!! ** At any point you can click "Save Draft" and return to it later **

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