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WAF - Posting Instructions Title the post in the box above -if place, use ADDRESS -if person, use NAME * this is used to set the url, but if you want to change the url directly, click in the yellow box above Choose the category on the right side -> * if category is not selected, the page will not show up on general pages (places,people,etc.) Enter the research information using the Custom Fields below -select appropriate category, and paste information into 'value' box -click 'Add Custom Field' -repeat for all necessary information *when entering architects, engineers, firms, contractors: -separate people with line breaks -type person name, then all additional information in brackets (ie. dates, duties, location) *when entering body text (significant dates, design characteristics, etc), line breaks will be turned into new bullet points *to find GPS location of a place: -go to Google Maps and type in the address -right-click the spot you want to use and select "What's Here?" -GPS location will automatically appear in search bar Uploading Images: -click "Upload/Insert" above -upload files in the order that they will appear *the first image uploaded will be used for the main image *the only way to re-organize photos is to delete them, and re-upload in a different order -if there is a caption necessary (for additional photos), add it in the 'caption' section -click 'Save All Changes' CLICK "Publish" AND THE PAGE WILL BE LIVE!! ** At any point you can click "Save Draft" and return to it later **

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  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Manitoba Association of Architects