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Ryan Takatsu


Ryan Takatsu is an interior designer, artist, and cultural equality advocate and worker. He completed his Bachelor of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba, before continuing his education (DTP, publishing and internet), at the University of Toronto, University of Winnipeg, and Banff Centres for the Arts. He studied under Akemi Miyahara, a member of Winnipeg's Japanese Canadian community, at th University of Manitoba.

Ryan worked with the design department at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a brief time. In 1989 Ryan moved to Toronto, working for Jack Winston Design Consultants on several high-end projects. He was also involved with the development of several Winnipeg arts institutions, including Plug-In Art, Midcontinental: Thinking News and Culture as cofounder, Video Pool as cofounder, Block-O-Rama as cofounder, and the Cultural Equality Group. He also co-authored the study "Cultural Equality - A Strategy for Diversity: Film, Television, and the Media Arts" in 1997. Takatsu was also involved in numerous organizations in Toronto and Montreal.

Ryan Takatsu is a third generation Japanese-Canadian, and is the son of Henry Takatsu, a drafter for Pratt Lindgren Snider Tomcej and Associations. He is also the nephew of Fred Matsuo, a project manager at Smith Carter. He is also regarded as being one of the first, if not the first, video artists in Manitoba.