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North Centennial Recreation and Leisure Facility

Formerly:Centennial Swimming Pool
Address:90 Sinclair Street
Architects:Bridgman Collaborative Architecture

More Information

The North Centennial Recreation and Leisure Facility opened in March 1970 as Centennial Swimming Pool, opened to coincide with the centennial of Manitoba's 1870 foundation. The pool that lay at the heart of the facility is 50 metres by 38 feet, with a capacity if 254,200 gallons. Spectator seating was included, with a capacity of 200; the pool itself was planned to hold 450 bathers.

In 2009 Bridgman Collaborative Architecture was hired to design an 18,000 square foot addition to house a new gym, classrooms, kitchens, and fitness area, utilizing a number of environmentally friendly elements and strategies, including a green roof area and solar wall system. The addition's angled mosaic-panelled walls stand out as a distinctive and visually compelling presence along this stretch of Sinclair Street, serving as a local landmark. The former front facade of original 1970 building is now an interior wall of the new weight room.

Design Characteristics

  • Colourful cladding
  • Green roof
  • Concrete and brick (original building)