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Niakwa Trail Rain Garden

Address:Located near Fermor Avenue at St. Anne's Road
Architects:HTFC Planning + Design

More Information

Designed in 2015, the Niakwa Trail Rain Garden was the result of a partnership between Save Our Seine, Manitoba Eco-Network, the City of Winnipeg, and HTFC Planning & Design.

Located along the Niakwa Trail at Fermor Avenue and St. Anne’s Road, the aim of the Rain Garden is to filter rainwater run-off, pollutants, and sediment before they flow into the Seine River. The water, coming from the adjacent Superstore parking lot and Niakwa Trail, first flows over stone and sod strips that help to filter out large debris. Then, the water flows into the garden, where it slows down and is absorbed by plants that neutralize and convert heavy metals and chemicals into useable nutrients. The urban habitat is now home to 670 native plants and 58 native species.

Design Characteristics

  • Designed to filter run-off, pollutants, and sediment
  • Created an urban habitat to 670 native plants and 58 native species