Winnipeg Architecture Foundation



40 Mayfair Place

Address:40 Mayfair Place
Constructed:2013 -14
Architects:Wins Bridgman
Firms:Bridgman Collaborative Architecture

More Information

The Mayfair Recreation Centre opened in summer of 2014. A 3,500 square foot facility housing an 1,800 square foot half-court gymnasium, a 500 square foot multi-purpose room and a Servery Room intended to function as a learning kitchen for area residents, the facility is fully accessible and meets Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Designation. The architecture of building highlights a dynamic pattern of triangular windows which function as a landmark and, at night, as a sort of lantern; the structure was conceived by its designers to serve as a link between “outdoor action with indoor observation.”

Design Characteristics

  • Dynamic pattern of triangular windows
  • 1,800 square foot half-court gymnasium
  • 500 square foot multi-purpose room and Servery Room