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Margaret Stinson


Margaret Stinson was born on July 12, 1939 and grew up in the country. She had never heard of interior design until one of her high school teachers recommended she looked into it. This must have sparked her interest in design as she decided to attend the University of Manitoba Interior Design programme. During her studies, she had Joan Harland as a professor for Classical Art and Architecture. Stinson graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design in 1960.

Stinson’s first job was with Waisman Ross. Stinson then spent some time in England with her husband Hartley Stinson before returning to Canada. Upon her return, she began working for the architectural firm Green Blankstein Russell (GBR) in 1962. The first project she worked on with GBR was the Civic Complex. Stinson then went on to do some small contract work for LM Architectural Group and some consulting at IKOY.

She served as president of Interior Design Council from 1994 to 1995


Recognition & Awards

  • PIDIM,Hope Mackenzie Award, 2016