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800 Roanoke Street

Address:800 Roanoke Street

More Information

Originally marketed as luxury accommodations, advertisements for the the Kern Park apartments boasted of and “original modern design” with all suites facing the adjacent park and featuring picture windows, patios or balconies. The unique layout of the building’s site derives from the original 1910s Transcona “City Beautiful” town plan. In this area of the town streets were oriented around Park Circle, a public park which contains the Transcona Cenotaph at centre. The town was originally developed by the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, with lots sold by Winnipeg’s W. J. Christie & Company.

Design Characteristics

  • Oriented to the adjacent park
  • All suites park-facing with picture windows, patios or balconies
  • Unique semi-circular layout
  • Fibreglass dividers between balconies