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Johanna Hurme


Johanna Hurme co-founded the Winnipeg-based practice 5468796 Architecture with Sasa Radulovic in 2007. Originally from Finland, Johanna immigrated to Canada in 1996, where she obtained her Bachelor of Environmental Design degree and Master of Architecture degree from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture (FAUM). Working around a single table, the firm of 18 has achieved national and international recognition and its work has been published in over 150 books and publications. Johanna brings an editorial eye to all of 5468796’s work and is an intuitive thinker, often setting the conceptual tone for 5468796’s projects.

As a project architect, Johanna has spearheaded projects like youCUBE [Canadian Architect Award of Excellence, MIPIM and Premier Architecture Award recipient], Hedge housing and Migrating Landscapes that represented Canada at the 13th Architectural Biennale in Venice. In her self-created role as, ‘architect-as-community leader,’ she has conceived projects such as Table for 12 that grew, in 2014, into Table for 1200, which brought together 1200 likeminded Winnipeggers around a single table to celebrate design and the city in which we live. The following year Johanna conceived Chair Your Idea, an urban initiative on the scale of the entire city - inviting and involving residents from schoolchildren to seniors, to consider and influence urban design ideas.

Johanna makes design advocacy an ongoing pursuit through university professorships, participation on a number of boards and committees, and through numerous public engagements. She is currently serving on the Manitoba Association of Architects Council, where, for the last two years, she has spearheaded the initiative for a province-wide Quality [and not fee] Based Procurement of architectural services. She is also the incoming chair of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, leading with a proposal for a “Design Driven Economy”, starting with the establishment of the Design Quarter Winnipeg, a curated design experience focused on authentic local retail and culture.