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Helen Glass Centre for Nursing

Address:89 Curry Place
Use:classrooms and offices
Architects:LM Architectural Group
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The Helen Glass Centre for Nursing is located immediately east of the Education Building that was completed by Libling Michener and Associates in 1962. The structure is carefully articulated so that natural light reaches all of the offices and teaching spaces, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building. A central atrium is the primary design feature and meeting place of the building and features a cantilevered stair. This project had an extremely short timeline for design and construction; it was completed in 13 months with a fast-track delivery method. The centre is located on the previous site of the Bison Building (1952).

Bison Building (demolished)

95 Curry Place, 1948

First addition, 1952, Green Blankstein Russell and Associates

Second addition, 1960, Green Blankstein Russell and Associates