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Green Acres suburb,Brandon


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In Spring 1959, Sutherland Agencies advertisements started appearing for new homes in a new subdivision, Green Acres, at the northeast corner of 1st Street and Richmond Avenue.

Parkhill Builders was offering new homes, in “6 new custom styled designs” on Applewood Bay priced from $9,850 to $13,000.

In the summer of 1959, Norm White Agencies began advertising new low cost homes developed by the Home Development Company of Winnipeg in 4 plans priced from $9445.50 to $9583.20.

To serve the city’s growing suburbs in the south and west, the Brandon School Division advertised a plan in the fall of 1959 to construct two new high schools, one in Green Acres and the other in Larkhill. It urged support for the required new bylaw for funding. The Green Acres school is present day Neelin High School and the Larkhill school is present day Vincent Massey High School.

The new housing was being built at the same time as the new subdivision was being constructed. MTS lines were laid in September of 1959 and new water and sewer lines were installed in the spring and summer of 1960 as the subdivision expanded eastward. By 1965, the City of Brandon was selling serviced lots for single family homes in the eastern part of Green Acres. At that time, it was estimated that fewer than 70 serviced lots were still available in the subdivision.

In 1966, a bylaw was passed requiring all services in the east part of Green Acres, and in all other new subdivisions, be installed underground.

The Green Acres subdivision was largely completed by the late 1960s.

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