Winnipeg Architecture Foundation


Exchange Marks the Spot

By Winnipeg Architecture Foundation

Download the complete tour PDF


Exchange Marks the Spot is an architectural treasure hunt of the Exchange District National Historic Site. It allows children the chance to learn about the history and architecture of this unique area.

The tour has separate versions for children and their accompanying adults.

Child Version:

Adult Resource Guide:

*Letter versions are useful if you plan on printing out individual pages on letter-sized (8.5″ × 11″) paper.

**Tabloid versions are useful if you plan on printing out the booklet on tabloid (11″ × 17″) paper back-to-back, then folding down the centre and binding the pages together with staples along the crease. The pages will appear to be out of order when you view them on your computer, but will be in the correct order when assembled into a booklet.