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Delta Walkway

Architects:Number Ten Architectural Group
Contractors:Crosier Kilgour and Partners Ltd.
MCW-AGE Subterranean (Manitoba) Ltd.

More Information

Completed in 2010, this 625 foot walkway connects Cityplace to the Delta Hotel (330-350 St. Mary Avenue), approximately forty years after the first Cityplace walkways were constructed.

Number Ten Architects designed a tunnel, enclosed in glass and supported by ten concrete “Y” shaped columns. These piers raise the walkway fourteen feet above ground level. The wall to ceiling glass provide maximum light, increased safety and pleasing views of the nearby St. Mary’s Cathedral. The interior is painted and each colour changes 48 times; highlighting the feeling of movement as one walks through the space. At night the exterior is illuminated by a sparkling multi-colour lighting system.

Design Characteristics

  • 625 feet in length
  • Y-shaped concrete columns