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David Paul Penner


David was born on August 9, 1958 and raised in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village. He obtained a Bachelor of Environment Studies degree in 1979, and a Master of Architecture degree in 1985, each from the University of Manitoba.

Prior to establishing his firm David Penner Architect (DPA) in 1993, David trained at the offices of: Stechesen Katz Architects (1986-1993), Calnitsky Heshka Associates (1985), James and Rollier (1983-1984), Smith Carter Partners (1981), and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Engineering and Architecture Division, Government of Canada (1979-1980). He became a registered architect in Manitoba in 198 and a Fellow of RAIC in 2012.

Along with his involvement at DPA, David Penner volunteered with a number of organisations, including the Manitoba Association of Architects to advance the awareness and appreciation of architecture and design in Manitoba.Positions held included:

President, Storefront Manitoba;Urban Design Advisory Committee, City of Winnipeg;Public Affairs Committee, Manitoba Association of Architects;Chair, Prairie Design Awards Program

He died on January 7th, 2020.

Recognition & Awards

  • 2018 - Prairie Design Award of Excellence,Fountain Springs Housing
  • 2015 - Premier’s Award of Excellence, Little Red Library
  • 2016 - Prairie Design Award - Little Red Library
  • 2016 - Prairie Design Award of Excellence,Mere Hotel,
  • 2010 - Prairie Design Award of Excellence, Corogami Hut
  • 2008 - Prairie Design Award of ExcellencePenner Cottage,
  • 2006 - Masonry Design Award of Excellence,Winnipeg Adult Education Centre,
  • 2005 - Prairie Design Award of Excellence,Manitoba Electrical Museum, 
  • 2001 - Manitoba Wood Design Award, Tritt Residence,Manitoba Wood Design Award
  • 2001 - Prairie Design Award of Excellence, 120 Yale Avenue,
  • 2000 - Prairie Design Award of Excellence,Wolfrom Engineering Offices, 1994 - Grand Prize, Western Living! Search for Style Grand Prize,
  • 120 Yale Avenue