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Fort Richmond Collegiate

Address:99 Killarney Avenue
Original Use:Education
Other Work:Addition in the 1990s
Architects:Ward and Macdonald Associates

More Information

This is a rare example of a high school from the 1960s that has not seen a lot of change, although there were additions to the building at the rear in the 1990s; still, the essence of the thoughtful 1967 design prevails.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Fort Richmond
  • Three storeys high, it features a facade with the signature Ward and Macdonald wall projections, here on the public east and south sides; the walls play splitfaced limestone off with the exposed frame of the same basic colour in horizontal bands
  • The many windows are divided in sixes or threes in a symmetrical pattern across the front; patterned ornamental sunscreens shade the curtain wall of windows in the broad centre bay and on the two end dorrway bays; taken as a whole, the facade is balanced, animated and appealing seale and design; they contain a library/resource centre, a new gym and shops area
  • The original academic portion encircles a large resource centre with three lecture theatres in a radius out from the middle to form a whole circle, early use of this layout
  • The large yard contains the usual high school facilities as well as tennis courts, a wooded area and the site of Dalhousie and Acadia schools