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Kildonan East Collegiate

Address:845 Concordia Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Ward Macdonald and Partners

More Information

Despite its irregular footprint and sprawling size, Kildonan East was built all at once to a single plan, with the exception of a small entrance pod on the north side. It opened in 1970 as a 'regional comprehensive secondary school' offering programs in specialised vocational training that was supported by several school divisions: Transcona, River East, St. Boniface, Norwood, St. Vital and Fort Garry; the school has adapted to constantly changing vocational needs ever since. Such specialised programs required customised spaces and those areas that needed heavy loading were naturally put on the back side; a modular approach sectioned off the gym, academic wing, library and various technical training areas.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Munroe East
  • Of particular note in the original design was a large library and resource centre in the very heart of the high school, in a circular shape like a box within a box with creative techniques for bringing in natural light
  • Most of the complex is a single storey high and all of it is sheathed in limestone; most windows are towards the lower parts of the walls so the darker portions contrast nicely with the pale upper walls. There are a variety of window treatments
  • The front entrance facing south to Concordia Avenue is attractive and has a particular design to visually focus and gather in its students
  • There is a huge yard behind the school, shared with another school, a community club and arena, a pool and a field hockey pitch for any number of recreational opportunities