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Wellington School

Address:690 Beverly Street
Use:Educational, Institutional
Other Work:Addition in 1972 by IKOY
Architects:W. I. Enns, Divisional Architect (1972)
Contractors:Surety Construction (1959)

More Information

This school repeats a process quite likely unique to this division, adding to an existing (old) school and gradually demolishing the old part in favour of modern expansion. Wellington School #1 was erected between 1898 and 1906, with an addition in 1959 that formed the nucleus of the much-larger addition in 1972, when the old school was demolished. The 1970s work by IKOY added a super graphic quality to the school framing its east (Beverley Street) entry doors.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Daniel McIntyre
  • The new school is very period-appropriate in its massing of volumes, minimalist wall detailing and use of colour block; vestiges of the older portion are found on the west side near the back; the school presents three finished sides in to the residential sidestreets with the fourth side letting into the schoolyard on the south side
  • The plan forms a rough H shape with indents for more light and ventilation to supplement the windows in the academic wings two storeys high, finished in a deep brown brick on the top half of the walls, wall ends and gym block, contrasts to a bright white stucco finish on the lower half; raised lightwells pop up from the roofline to light stairways and corridors within
  • The yard to the south is a good size and graced with mature trees.