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647 Broadway

Formerly:Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses
Address:647 Broadway
Architects:Michael D. Rattray
Firms:Duncan Rattray Peters Searle

More Information

Built at an estimated cost of $100,000, this building was constructed as the new home of the Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses, which was previously located at 247 Balmoral Street. A second storey has been added to the initial design. At the time of construction the nurses' association had a membership of over 5,000 and a staff of ten. The structure, as conceived by Michael Rattray, represents a modernist approach, with extensive south-facing windows, originally shielded from the sidewalk by a small area of planting.

Design Characteristics

Size:Two storeys
  • Modernist design
  • Extensive glazing
  • Small, walled forecourt space
  • Buff brick cladding