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École Dieppe

Address:530 Dieppe Road
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Additions in 1956, 1958, 1963 and 1968
Architects:Northwood and Chivers, principally Chivers
Roy M. Lev (1963)
Pratt and Lindgren Snider Tomcej and Associate (1968)
Contractors:Arlington Brothers (1952)

More Information

This elementary school is named for the 1942 Dieppe Raid on the beaches in France where Canada and the Allies took heavy casualties but learned a great deal which was later put to use successfully in the Normandy invasions; it is only logical that it should be designated as the district's dual-track school in the 1981 and a full French immersion school in 2002. It began as the same design as Royal School.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Eric Coy, Charleswood
  • With a current student population of 271, the pressures of the 1950s growth seem far away but the school could barely meet the demand during the heaviest period, resulting in a series of additions to create its irregular footprint and varying height
  • It is located just behind a neighbourhood civic cluster of library, city offices and a fire hall
  • Its older portions spread east across the front; the older 1952 section is on the north end and a two-storey academic wing from 1963; with most of its early features intact, the 1963 wing is on the south end of the facade
  • A dark red brick was used throughout to tie the many sections together, with the exception of the 1956 wing that runs straight back from the 1952 portion; it is covered in stucco
  • A gym wing and a 1968 portion run back from the centre but cannot be seen from the street; there is a daycare in the 1952 portion and the Sunnyside Daycare building on the far west end
  • Hand-printed fired tiles, made by students, decorate a sheltered wall by the front entrance