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Springfield Heights

Address:505 Sharron Bay
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Ward Macdonald and Associates

More Information

Springfield Heights is a kindergarten to Grade six school with a durable and attractive design. It was built for the former North Kildonan School District No. 2116.

The two-storey structure has double wings off a dropped centre entrance block; the facade is balanced and symmetrical. The frame is clearly expressed and delineated with a regular window treatment and sage green dividers, and is anchored firmly on the ends by plain walls of a mid-brown brick. Windows in the rear did not fare as well and have been mostly filled in.

The entrance retained its original ornamentation of a broad canopy with a little waiting area off to the side, contained within a partial wall of brick perforated with a pattern and rising in a divider of decorative wrought iron bars. The original plans show skylights on the roof but is is not known if these were installed or have survived. The yard, with playing fields and two ice rinks, is shared with the North Kildonan Community Club.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Rossmere A
  • Frame has a regular window treatment and sage green dividers, plain walls of a mid-brown brick on ends
  • Broad canopy over entrance