Winnipeg Architecture Foundation



Harold Hatcher Elementary School

Address:500 Redonda Street
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Ward Macdonald Cockburn McLeod McFeetors
Engineers:Scouten Mitchell

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Canterbury Park, Transcona
  • Harold Hatcher elementary school has a unique appearance designed at the tail end of the modern era and clearly anticipating the next
  • The plan steps in segments eastward towards the main entrance as well as at the rear as the street curves gently to meet the prairie verge; a series of sloping rooflines increases the impact of the variation
  • By contrast, the walls are plain, clad in a variegated red brick with few openings; nevertheless, the facades are animated by the constant changes and shadow-producing angles
  • Six closed classrooms augmented the large open-air layout but these have been closed for the most part
  • Young plantings outside by the main entrance focus the attention and will provide beauty for years to come
  • The spacious yard rolls slightly from its many years as a garbage dump; a methane detection system keeps all safe from possible off gassing