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49 Rowand Avenue

Address:49 Rowand Avenue
Original Use:Dwelling
Architects:W. D. Lount
Contractors:Frank Lount and Son Company

More Information

Constructed in 1950, this west-facing home is an example of one of the two, two-storey models constructed in the Silver Heights suburb. The style is traditional and symmetrical, and a play on a common centre-plan design. The primary public entrance of the home is sited in the centre of the street-facing elevation, with a gable-roof, clad in asphalt shingle, running parallel to the street. Two large operable front windows, mirrored in the living room and the dining room, complete the front elevation.

The home was originally finished in white stucco on the lower level and painted wood siding on the second-storey, although the finish material on the upper level has been replaced with vinyl siding.

Design Characteristics

Roof:The peak roof runs parallel to the road and has a shallow eave depth.
Materials:The house is primarily clad in stucco with the exception of painted horizontal wood siding on the upper floor.
1,450 square feet
Developer:Frank R. Lount
Suburb:Silver Heights
Garage:Two-car detached
Frontage Direction:West


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Locations of Supporting Information

  • Winnipeg Architecture Foundation
  • Province of Manitoba, Legislative Library
  • City of Winnipeg, Planning Property and Development Division
  • City of Winnipeg Archives