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John Taylor Collegiate

Address:470 Hamilton Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Large addition in 1976
Architects:Herman and St. Lawrence Architects
Johnson and Mager (1976)
Firms:Herman and St. Lawrence Architects, Johnson and Mager
Engineers:Ronald Lazar
Contractors:Winnipeg Construction Company

More Information

Thought to be a mixture of steel and wood frame with concrete block, John Taylor Collegiate was constructed for Assiniboine North School Division, beginning in 1964; it went up in two main sections from a single plan, joined by an entrance link that contains a small courtyard to supply light and ventilation.Most of its surface is faced in a dark brown brick except the back elevation that employs a more common light brick.

The walls rise two storeys over a raised basement, which contains many of the shops facilities; a green house on the roof and extra-large labs were included in the original design; the latter addition on the south side unfortunately does not match the original construction in appearance.

The school is named for John Taylor who was a member of the Provincial Legislature from 1875-1879.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Crestview, St. James
  • Windows are vertical in orientation and appear to be in the process of being replaced.
  • The large yard on the south side is shared with Hedges Middle School and Buchanan Elementary as well as a modest community club.