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Portage Place

Address:393 Portage Avenue
Architects:RTKL Architects, Baltimore
Number Ten Architectural Group
Smith Carter Architects
IKOY Partnership
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More Information

North Portage Development Corporation (now the Forks North Portage Partnership) was the driving force behind the three-city-block Portage Place development. To make way for construction, existing buildings on the site were bulldozed; construction took place throughout 1986 and was completed the following year, in 1987. The construction of Portage Place was intended to bolster the downtown economy and would serve to link two major downtown retailers via the developing indoor walkway system. The intent was to construct a mall that would compete with Winnipeg's suburban shopping centres, including Polo Park.

The exterior of Portage Place is clad in concrete and brick and has a range of glazing styles -- some are trimmed with burgundy-coloured metal frames with sculptural detailing. These elements are visible on both the first and second storeys, and are positioned between each window at regular intervals. The north-facing elevation of the mall is embellished with a copper frieze, and references several beaux art style buildings along Portage Avenue. Terracotta tiles were saved from the demolished buildings and reused as ornament.

A glass skylight atrium provides natural light to the building's interior; two additional glass atria are at the intersections of both Portage and Kennedy, and Portage and Edmonton. These atria allow for expansive views from the end of either street.

The construction of Portage Place prompted the addition of several walkways within the skywalk system linking Portage Place to The Bay, One Canada Centre, and the Carlton Building. This construction altered the cityscape, and these walkways are unique within the skywalk system -- they are the only over-street passages that accommodate retail spaces.

Design Characteristics

  • Pieces of terra cotta were reused from the buildings that were demolished to allow space for the construction of Portage Place mall.
  • Cladding of concrete and brick.