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Silver Heights Collegiate (closed 2007)

Address:350 Lodge Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Double gym and shops wing in 1959
Multi-purpose/library south wing in 1965
Architects:Smith Carter Katelnikoff
Firms:Smith Carter Katelnikoff

More Information

Silver Heights, opened in 1957 and named for the nearby homestead of Premier John Norquay, was the second high school built in the St. James School Division after St. James Collegiate in 1950. When it closed in 2007, part of its name was folded into the former Sturgeon Creek High School to become Sturgeon Heights. It resembles another Smith Carter Katelnikoff senior high school of the same period, Deer Lodge, which had an aesthetically superior location but is also now closed.

At its peak in 1968, there were 1,074 students at Silver Heights. It began as an elementary school and grew as its student body did, with the first Grade 12 class introduced in 1960 and the younger grades phased out by 1959. Since its closure, the building has been demolished.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Silver Heights, St. James
  • Employing a modular design with contrasting large and small masses for easy adaptation, SIlver Heights is comprised of several distinct sections, sometimes following a theme such as in the original west block but more often not, despite some interesting sightlines (the north elevation and entrance block) and some thematic elements and materials such as window treatment and the use of white trim and pale brown brick

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