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Strathmillan School

Address:339 Strathmillan Road
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Additions in 1955 and 1961
Architects:J. N. Semmens

More Information

Strathmillan School had to respond to remarkable growth pressures from its teeming neighbourhood in the 1950s and early 1960s, and spread to become a large and sprawling complex.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Silver Heights, St. James
  • Its initial construction is wood frame with brick facing and some wood siding and its initial plan formed a narrow rectangle in a single storey with a modest gym centred at the rear; this appendage then linked to another parallel wing and then yet another to form three identical fingers of a straightforward design emerging from a southern base
  • Each finger was executed in the same brick with identical glass block windows which are now mainly filled with pale stucco, each class delineated and uniform in dimension; some of these classrooms now contain daycare spaces
  • Its large yard has many opportunities for fun for the youngest students and for older students