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Crestview School

Address:333 Morgan Crescent
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Pratt Lindgren and Associates

More Information

A kindergarten to Grade Five school, Crestview is a twin school to École Robert Browning, both built by the former St. James School Division in 1963.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Crestview, St. James
  • Steel frame with concrete block walls and a facing of a ruddy-brown brick forms the body, which is a straight rectangular plan in two storeys with a large gym wing across the rear
  • Presently near-exactly in appearance to its opening, the school expresses its layout clearly on the exterior, with ample natural lighting for each classroom from the large square windows set vertically in pairs with white metal spandrels between the floors; the end walls are plain, set with multi-light windows in the upper floor hallways and exit doors at ground level
  • The main entrance, set back behind white steel columns of the frame, is detailed with small ceramic tiles that are both attractive and unique to these twin buildings