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333 Maryland Street

Formerly:Workman's Compensation Board
Worker's Compensation Board
Address:333 Maryland Street
Architects:MacDonald, Cockburn, McLeod, McFeetors Architects

More Information

The original, two-storey, portion of this building was constructed in the 1950s. Executed in a modern style, this section is clad in red brick with rectangular Tyndall stone frames as ornamentation. To the south of the first block, in the mid-1970s a taller, four-storey, addition was erected. The architects for this project were MacDonald, Cockburn, McLeod, McFeetors Architects. The lower floors of this block feature extensive glazing and projecting bays of matching red brick; above are five large window-framing pre-cast concrete elements, lending a sculptural effect to the structure. At the south-side of this addition is placed an entryway surmounted by a metal-topped angular roof.

Design Characteristics

  • Built in two stages
  • Executed in modernist approach
  • Red brick cladding
  • Tyndall stone accents
  • Large window-framing pre-cast concrete elements
  • Entryway surmounted by metal-topped angular roof