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Bruce Middle School

Address:333 Booth Drive
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Ward and Macdonald Architects

More Information

A large and sprawling middle years school, Bruce shares its generous yard and many of its design features with its neighbour to the north, Athlone elementary school (both also share an architect). Despite its breadth on the site, it is a unified and coherent design that counts as much on skilful use of materials as on its features.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Booth, St. James
  • Mainly one-storey, the school displays receding and advancing volumes to good effect; the deep mansard roof, covered with what look to be cedar shakes, reaches a third of the way down the otherwise plain red brick walls
  • The glassed front entranceway is flanked by tall spruce trees and steps back slightly to link the two-storey gym wing on the west with the lower administration and academic wings on the east
  • Facing a bustling street that sweeps the Grace Hospital property from the side to the rear, the school site maintains its equally commanding presence in part from skilful use of individual tall trees to counter the strong horizontality of the school building