Winnipeg Architecture Foundation



Lincoln Towers

Address:33 Kennedy Street
Original Use:Dwelling

Design Characteristics

Windows:The building has a set of four horizontal strip windows per floor, with the exception of the first floor which only has two sets of strip windows.
Doors:The main entryway is located at grade, facing Kennedy street. This entryway has lots of glazing above and beside the double door entry. Above the doorway is a cantilevered plane which provides overhead protection when entering the apartment.
Materials:The front facade is composed of three materials. At the first storey, the entryway is clad throughout with glass. The center face of the building protrudes and slopes away from the exact center. This area is clad in painted concrete. Bookending the painted concrete are flat areas of tan brick cladding.
Style:Eight storey apartment.
Frontage Direction:South West