Winnipeg Architecture Foundation



329 Moray Street

Address:329 Moray Street
Original Use:Dwelling

Design Characteristics

Windows:There are three dominant, fixed, multi-pane windows on the front of the house.
Doors:The main entrance is on the home's front elevation at grade. The door has a transom window. A front 'porch' wraps around the southwest corner of the house and reaches the secondary entry which is also a single door at grade. This porch is covered entirely by an extension of the flat roof.
Roof:The flat roof on this house is broken over the porch by a small unglazed skylight.
Materials:The building is clad exclusively in brick.
2,194 square feet
Style:Flat-roof contemporary bungalow
Suburb:St. James
Garage:The garage is an attached single-car garage, accessed via the back lane.
  • This home has a simple, rectangular form and its character is definitive of post-war housing styles: a unified structure; a low profile that emphasizes horizontal lines; and the merging of interior and exterior environments with the use of large, conscientiously sited windows.