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325 Broadway

Address:325 Broadway
Use:Revenue Canada Offices
Original Use:Offices
Constructed:1993 - 1994

More Information

A private developer, Pre-Con Construction built 325 Broadway in 1993. It was subsequently leased to the federal government to house offices for Revenue Canada.

The building is of pre-cast construction and the exterior is quite plain. When the building opened, there was some controversy as the mechanical and cooling equipment on the roof, considered unsightly, could be seen from adjacent highrises. This prompted discussion about planning and bylaw controls which only affected pedestrian level elements not rooftop ones. The city was urged to include rooftop esthethics in its downtown design controls but this did not happen.

Design Characteristics

  • Six storeys
  • The large windows are organized in banks and separated by protruding concrete which gives the building's facade dimension
  • The main entrance is located beneath an overhanging canopy
  • The interior of the building is designed as multiple levels of offices