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Machray School

Address:320 Mountain Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Macdonald Cockburn McLeod and McFeetors
Firms:Macdonald Cockburn McLeod and McFeetors
Contractors:Taubensce Construction Co. Ltd.

More Information

Machray School is one of the earliest original schools in Winnipeg, first built in 1886 to honour Robert Machray, Archbishop of Rupert's Land. The first school was augmented by a larger one in 1899 and both were demolished when the current school was completed in 1975.

This is a one-storey north-facing elementary school which, while absolutely typical for its architects, is unusual for this division. Dark glass windows are set within dark brown bands across the centre of the walls and framed crisply with limestone facing above and along the margins, with a dark strip at the roofline pulling the design together. The effect highlights each section and provides interest and focus across the front and sides. The two front corners are sheared off and each set in with a window. The main entrance is given extra attention and is offset slightly right on the facade. The building is mostly rectangular with a cut-out section in the rear (south). There is a permanent dental clinic on the north-west corner. The school has faced declining enrolment since the 1970s and shares space with the Machray Free Play Centre.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:St. John's
  • Good integrity to its period
  • Limestone