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Fountain House

Address:300 Roslyn Road
Architects:Graham Lount
Engineers:Charles Lount

More Information

"Fountain House is set in 2 1/2 acres of heavily wooded grounds on a bend of the river. Spacious lawns run down to the river's edge from the terrace surrounding the heated swimming pools. The building is approached directly from beautiful tree-lined Roslyn Road with ample parking provided at the main entry level or in the underground garage. The main lobby with its coloured stone floors, walnut paneling and ever changing fountain provides a luxurious entry to Winnipeg's finest apartment house."

-excerpt from a C.T. Lount Company sales brochure

Design Characteristics

Materials:Concrete and brick
Size:Thirteen storey apartment complex
Developer:Ruttan Investment Corporation Ltd. (Formerly CT Lount Construction)
  • Heated underground parking
  • Three elevators
  • Laundry services on each floor