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Linwood School

Address:286 Linwood Street
Other Work:Major additions in 1954 and 1961
Architects:Alexander Melville 1913
Additions by Smith Carter Searle
Firms:Smith Carter Searle

More Information

Linwood is a beautiful old, well-kept elementary school. The first addition was added in 1954, followed by a gym section to the rear in 1961. No attempt was made to match the styles of the two sections so the smaller modern design was kept completely separate with a low link, making it almost a free-standing entity.

Faced with a mid-brown brick unmatched to the red brick of the old school, the 1950s addition is wood frame construction of modest proportions with a flat roof. It has retained most of the school's original features, including the front entrance detail and its original windows. This portion of the complex appears only to contain a daycare currently while the elementary students can now be contained in the original Linwood School.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Deer Lodge, St. James
  • Faced with a mid-brown brick (old school red brick)
  • 1950s school is wood frame construction; flat roof