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Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, St. James-Assiniboia School Division.

Formerly:Sturgeon Creek Collegiate
Address:2665 Ness Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Libling Michener and Associates
Engineers:R. Lazar

More Information

Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate was opened in 1970 as Sturgeon Creek, a regional comprehensive vocational school; when Silver Heights Collegiate closed in 2007, students were transferred here and the name Heights was brought with them to symbolize the amalgamation.

This is a large and kinetic place, built mainly at once to a singular design by the same architects of Red River College, Libling Michener, and this design was clearly informed by the other.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Booth, St. James- Assiniboia
  • Most of the architectural style of the high school is concentrated on the front section, while three large sections at the back are more utilitarian and straightforward, with strong unifying themes of height, scale and materials throughout
  • Kept to two storys high throughout the complex, the front section has a strongly horizontal expression, which is appropriate for building perched in perpetuity on the edge of the open fields of the Living Prairie Museum; it is made of concrete and steel with a face brick in a soft pink-brown with bands of windows recessed and twin end towers that pay homage to the design of the district's original high school, St. James Collegiate

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