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North Panama Block

Address:229 Machray Avenue
Architects:Max Zev Blankstein
Contractors:Morros Korensky & Co

More Information

The apartment would be home to Morris Kim of M. Kim Furs. A successful furrier and member of Winnipeg's Jewish community, he would later commission Max Blankstein to design his home at 256 Garfield Street. The block was built at a cost of $70,000.

Design Characteristics

Developer:Morros Korensky & Co
Suburb:St. John's
  • Built above grade
  • Red brick is used for the base, flat arches over the bay windows, and patterned along the vestibule at the front. The majority of the facade is simple brown brick
  • A carved Tyndall stone doorway with decorative quoins is used, with a more elaborate pediment. The doorway connects to a ring of the Tyndall stone that runs around the building
  • The vestibule protrudes away from the building, its form carried through along the first to the third floor, and even above the parapet.
  • Dentiled eaves warp around the roofline.
  • Typical of Max Blankstein designs, small white squares (usually diamonds) are placed along the corners of the parapet.
  • Balconies extend out of the east and west side of the facade for the first through to the third floors.
  • The building has two facades, with a more modest one facing onto Charles Street. Inscribed above the door are the words "North Panama Block"