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Robson Hall

Address:224 Dysart Road
Use:(Faculty of Law) University of Manitoba
Original Use:(Faculty of Law) University of Manitoba
Architects:Ward Macdonald and Partners
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More Information

This distinctive building, constructed as a home to the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law, is noteworthy example of the use of Brutalism within an educational context. In 1970 the Faculty of Law finally vacated the Law Courts building on Broadway and joined the Fort Garry Campus, occupying its new quarters in Robson Hall.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Fort Garry
  • Like the University of Manitoba Student Union Building and the Manitoba Teacher’s Society Headquarters Building, a distinctive Brutalist aspect of Robson Hall is its uncommon, top-heavy silhouette. This form, in which the third floor looms outward above the floors below it, approaches the shape known as the “inverted ziggurat” and lends the building a certain sense of gravity, both literal and figurative.
  • The exterior of Robson Hall is faced partially with rough-hewn random-patterned limestone, as seen on many of the campus buildings, but also with precast concrete panels of a unique aggregate texture.