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Niakwa Place School

Address:200 Pebble Beach Road
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Moody, Moore, Duncan, Rattray, Peters, Searle, Christie
Firms:Moody, Moore, Duncan, Rattray, Peters, Searle, Christie

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Niakwa Place
  • This is a medium-size one-storey elementary school with a population of 326 children
  • The building has great integrity to its construction in 1974, constructed all once with a lot of open air classroom space, a large gym, multi-purpose room and resource centre in a squarish and mainly boxy plan
  • Re-inforced concrete with concrete block made up its materials, partially exposed in the facade at the base with an upper surface of pale contrasting stucco; windows are few in keeping with the educational philosophy of the era
  • The yard is spacious in the rear and landscaped ncely but a busy rail line runs parallel directly across the street

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