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Province of Manitoba Training Centre

Formerly:Deer Lodge High School
Address:1970 Ness Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Smith Carter Katelnikoff
Firms:Smith Carter Katelnikoff

More Information

Now closed as a school, Deer Lodge was opened as a middle years school in 1957, planned to change and evolve with the population boom into a senior high school as the students aged; it has been closed as a school for many years.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Deer Lodge
  • The design of this medium-sized school makes the most of its sunny south elevation, which overlooks a beautiful creek (Truro Creek) and a large yard with many mature trees; a small bridge crosses the creek for access to the yard, making it an inappropriate site for younger schoolchildren
  • Essentially in two volumes, the south wing is in one-and-two storys with a curtain wall of windows on either side of a double-loaded corridor, there is a low link connecting the gym-auditorium wing across the front; the lower portion of the south wing is the original south; the construction is steel and concrete with much of the plain walls faced in a mid-brown brick

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