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Stevenson-Britannia School / Stevenson School, St. James-Assiniboia School Division.

Address:1777 Silver Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Ward Macdonald and Partners
Contractors:Kraft Construction Co.

More Information

Stevenson School opened in 1970 as a middle years school that was immediately opposite the street from an elementary school named. Britannia and the two names were often linked as students graduated from one to the next. When the older elementary school was closed and students transferred to the newer school, the double name stuck with the one remaining institution and Stevenson School officially became 'Stevenson-Britannia'. The original Britannia School building remains but has been sold and converted to a day-care/nursery school.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:King Edward, St. James- Assiniboia
  • This is an attractive school, now serving Kindergarten to Grade Five, with an architectural design in transition from modern to post-modern, planned with some of its classroom space for team teaching; there have been no significant changes to the exterior so the integrity is high
  • It is compact on its site with spare lines while making skilful use of requisite features, executed in red variegated brick played against textured cement trim, so even its plainer walls are not harsh and window treatments are both interesting and inviting
  • Its ample field is shared with a small community club; mature trees and foundation plantings give further appeal to its public south facade

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