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Bertrun E. Galvin Elementary School

Address:166 Antrim Road
Original Use:Education
Other Work:Addition in 1982
Architects:Ward Macdonald Cockburn McLeod McFeetors

More Information

Planned as 'Valley Gardens Elementary', this is a large school in a huge campus that includes Valley Gardens Junior High, Kildonan East Collegiate, Civic Park and Valley Gardens Community Club.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Valley Gardens
  • The design avoids ornamentation beyond the beauty of its limestone facing, preferring instead to use the grouping of volumes and the contrast of the openings to make the stylistic statement
  • It is mostly a single storey with the exception of the gym pod, built to express the learning philosophy of open spaces and individual progress without need for external distractions
  • The later addition is entirely sympathetic to the original design and the school has good integrity to its period