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Sir William Osler School, Winnipeg School Division.

Address:1600 Grant Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Planned addition in 1957
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
Contractors:1955, Peter Leitch Construction Ltd.
1957, Louis Ducharme

More Information

Formerly a community elementary school, Sir William Osler School remains with the division as the Adult English and as an Addition Language centre for new Canadians.

Opened in 1955, the school commemorates a renowned British physician and artist, Sir William Isler (1849-1919).

Design Characteristics

Suburb:South River Heights
  • Cost of Construction (1955): $170,240
  • Cost of Construction (1957): $65,978
  • It is a small school, just 10 rooms to start in a wing running north-south and added to across the north front two years later; a gym wing on the east side came later to complete the U-shape
  • Whatever the one-storey school looked like before, it has been covered with white stucco and many of its windows have been removed; the walls have no detailing; the entrance is one the west side

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