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155 Smith Street

Address:155 Smith Street
Original Use:Hertz Rent-a-car office & shop
Constructed:1968-69, 1981
Other Work:1981, Addition and interior renovated for use by restaurant
Architects:Charles Faurer
Firms:Design and Project Services (1981)
Engineers:Tony Eashmede & Associates (1981)
Contractors:Roz-Mar Building Industries

More Information

Several reincarnations have altered this building so thoroughly that one can only glimpse at its original design. Architect Charles Faurer made the original plans in 1968 for Hertz Rent-a-car, including offices, a car wash, maintenance garage and parking lot. Western Cassions sank the foundation supports.

Design Characteristics

  • The original structure was 94 by 35 feet, one storey, and of masonry construction (brick over concrete block)

Locations of Supporting Information

  • City of Winnipeg Archives