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Brock Corydon School, Winnipeg School Division.

Address:1510 Corydon Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:1953
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
Contractors:Couture and Toupin

More Information

Brock Corydon Elementary School is named in honour of Sir Isaac Brock, British General and a commander during the War of 1812, who led Canadian and British troops to early victories in the war before losing his life at the Battle of Queenston Heights at Niagara.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Central River Heights
  • This school is inclined to the older, more traditional style that the school division employed heavily at this time (1950-1); bricks and mortar were used and details, such as a side entrance tower and stone decorative trim, give it more of an art deco feel
  • Windows in the academic wing and in the tower have been partly filled, with the stucco keyed to match the trim, and the intent of the original design remains
  • Also typical of this design is the concept to gather students through a safer and more aesthetically-pleasing side entrance, but in fact the north-facing Corydon entrance has prevailed
  • There are portable classrooms on the front and the back of the school

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