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130 Forest Park Drive

Address:130 Forest Park Drive
Original Use:Education
Other Work:Gym wing added in 1974
Architects:Ward and Macdonald
Engineers:Krauss and Macdonald

More Information

A unique design makes this medium size elementary school with a population of 260 students a highly successful community school.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Garden City, Seven Oaks East
  • Built as a 12-room school in 1964 by Ward and Macdonald, this design is a departure from their more predictable schools because the facade leans into its south-facing location with a curvy design focussed on the entrance at the centre, where special attention was paid to a sheltered area now enlivened with a forest-like mural
  • The forest theme is also carried forward with a deep green cornice band along most walls, except for the gym wing, added at the rear in 1974; walls throughout are faced in a pale limestone
  • The yard is large and landscaped