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Radisson School, River East Transcona School Division

Address:1105 Winona Street
Other Work:1959 - 60, Addition of classrooms
1969, Auditorium / gym and library
Architects:Prain and Ward Architects
Ward Macdonald

More Information

Despite its growth pattern, Radisson School fared very well throughout its additions, probably because the same architectural firm did all of the work. A date stone from 1957 is a rare flourish, added here with pride to the original eight classroom school, which faces south to Winona Street.

Design Characteristics

  • Despite having lost most of its window openings to plain stucco, enough wall space in red brick with contrasting channels survived and was keyed to future additions, across the facade and in the centre rear
  • The large addition on the east side is mannerly in its details and finishes and pulls together the unified whole across the front
  • Radisson shares a huge property with Transcona Collegiate and John W. Gunn Junior High

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