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Windsor Park Collegiate

Address:1015 Cottonwood Road
Other Work:Large gym and shops added at the rear in 1969
Architects:Green Blankstein Russell
Duncan Rattray Peters Searle (1969)
Firms:Green Blankstein Russell

More Information

This large high school is a curving series of partial hexagons, a design so innovative that it is thought to be one of only two schools of its kind in North America. Built of steel and concrete with an overlay of pink-toned brown brick, the original seven linking one or two-storey pods are hexagonal with complex rooflines, a variety of window treatments, intriguing layouts and some nightmarish furnishing issues; each pod filled a special function: labs, classrooms, music rooms, resource, etc. with a hall running through the middle; an eighth pod was added on the northeast side some time between the 1959 construction and the 1969 addition

Although the school functions well, its windows have been systematically removed and stuccoed over the years, which has compromised the design intent and altered the radical look of the school

An addition to the rear of the building in 1969 (although mainly hidden from the front) strongly differs from the earlier sections.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Windsor Park