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The Laureate Academy

Formerly:Villa Maria Retreat House
Address:100 Villa Maria Place
Original Use:Ecumenical retreat centre
Architects:Waisman Ross and Associates (now Number Ten Architectural Group)

More Information

100 Villa Maria Place opened in 1960 as an ecumenical retreat centre constructed for the Oblate Order of Catholic Priests. It is now houses the Laureate Academy, an institution which began in 1987 based on the Edmonton Academy's program for teaching children with disabilities. Waisman and Ross's design for the facility features a relaxed modern approach which exudes a certain calmness and proximity to nature, with vernacular touches conveyed through pitched roofs, brick cladding and wood details.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:St. Norbert
  • Spread-out one storey footprint
  • Pitched roofs
  • Brick cladding