Winnipeg Architecture Foundation


In 2002, The Winnipeg Architecture Foundation (WAF) began a research project undertaking research on, and oral history interviews with, Winnipeg architects that practiced in the modernist period of 1945 - 1975. The research has now been expanded to include engineers, landscape architects, interior designers and construction firms. The research and interviewing, which is ongoing, provides a very interesting, and unique, perspective on the design and growth of Winnipeg in the modernist years.


Valdis Martins Alers

Geoffrey Bargh

Gilbert Beatson

Alexander Berman

Cecil Blankstein

Evelyn Blankstein

Morley Blankstein

Bernard Brown

Dennis Carter

Harold (Pip) Marion Cawker

Cyril Chivers

John Alexander Chivers

Jim Christie

George Cibinel

Jacques Collin

Isadore Coop

David Thordarson

Victor Deneka

Sidney Diamond

A. J. Donahue

James J. (Jack) Donner

Herschel Elarth

William Enns

Charles Faurer

Leslie Few

Lloyd Finch

Claude Pierre De Forest

Peter Forster

Rudy Friesen

√Čtienne Gaboury

Wolfgang Gerson

Douglas Gillmor

John W. Graham

Lawrence J. Green

Marshall Haid

Ralph Ham

Alan Hanna

Robert “Bob” Harwood

Dwight Rupert Johnston

Carl R. Nelson, Jr.

Walter Katelnikoff

Ron Keenberg

Marvin Robert Kirby

Arnold Koerte

Hans Peter Langes

Roy Lev

James Lewis

Gerald Libling

Stewart E. Lindgren

Elizabeth Lord

Malcolm Macleod

Gordon McGarva

Mel Michener

Basil Miska

Herbert Moody

Robert Moore

Alexander Nitchuk

George Northwood

Helmut Peters

John Petersmeyer

Edgar Prain

William Keith Rankin

Michael Rattray

Jack Ross

Gustavo Da Roza

G. Leslie Russell

Boyle Francis Schaeffer

Orest Sedun

Roy Sellors

John Semmens

Ernest Smith

Kenneth Snider

Victor Sobkowich

Leslie Stechesen

George A. Stewart

Frank Stockl

Terence (Terry) Tergesen

Ralph Thompson

Alexander Tomcej

Allan Waisman

Donald Riddell Wookey

Jim Yamashita

Radoslav Zuk

Nikola Zunic


Bird Construction

Commonwealth Construction Ltd.

Dan Wiesner

Ernie Keller

Frank Reade Lount

Haag Homes Limited

Hashimoto Construction Limited

Leslie Few

Malcom Construction Company

Suzuki Brothers


5468796 Architecture

Cibinel Architects Ltd.

Crosier Kilgour


GBR (Green Blankstein Russell)

Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram (HTFC)


Lloyd Finch & Associates

LM Architectural Group

Macleod and Berman

McFeetors Tergesen Sedun

Moody Moore Architects

Northwood & Chivers

Number Ten

Pratt Lindgren Snider Tomcej and Associates

PSA Studios

Scatliff + Murray + Miller

Smith Carter

Ward Macdonald